Welcome, thankyou for looking this is a new store in the making.

Hi All,

Mark here this a new shop in the making, products will be added on a regular basis as and when they come in.

My plan is to fully stock all Vallejo paints,Ammo Mig and AK interactive paints. I will be stocking kolinsky sable brushes from Creative model, these i use myself as well as the paints.

I will be stocking model kits also in most scales all of the above will be  a discounted price. other product to be added are my own range of 20mm figures,some are in production but the full line is at the sculptors.

I have also created resin cast bases for war-gaming and cargo  for 28mm vehicles. These will be added over the next few days,if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Take care and many thanks for your time.