1/72 scale Military Vehicles (20mm)  M4 105mm

1/72 scale Military Vehicles (20mm) M4 105mm

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This version of the Sherman begins to show just how versatile a tank it was. Not only could it be used as a “gun tank” in tank vs tank battles, but it was also a superb base for over 50 experimental types, many of which saw service during the Second World War including “DD” or “Swimming tanks, mine clearance, bridge laying, bulldozer, tank recovery, artillery tows and armoured personnel carriers.

The 105mm howitzer armed Sherman tanks were designed for the close support role. Generally two would be available as part of tank battalion HQ’s Assault Gun platoon, later there was an additional issue of one per medium tank company, their heavy gun perfect for knocking out pillboxes and demolishing buildings. In addition operating in Assault Gun platoons the 105mm armed tanks could successfully engage anti-tank guns at any range.