AK Interactive AFV Series 4BO Russian Green

AK Interactive AFV Series 4BO Russian Green

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This set includes six different acrylic colors for the creation of a modulation effect on vehicles painted in Russian green 4BO. This range of colors offers the precise combination of tones to achieve the perfect modulation. The six tones allow to obtain the subtle transition of color, and it is recommended not to avoid any color. Each color is different and has been thoroughly studied to create an optical light effect. In addition, these new paints have a slightly satin finish that allows the modeler to avoid the need to apply a varnish later.

AK acrylic paints are water soluble and can be applied with a brush and airbrush.


This set contains:

  • AK029 Russian 4BO shadow.
  • AK030 Russian 4BO dark base.
  • AK031 Russian 4BO base.
  • AK032 Russian 4BO light base.
  • AK033 Russian 4BO high light.
  • AK034 Russian 4BO shine.