Scalecolor Artist Sets Empire of the Sun SSAR-04

Scalecolor Artist Sets Empire of the Sun SSAR-04

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It’s been developed by experts combines with Scale75’s experience with their previous paint ranges.
You can use these paints on all kinds of materials, from miniatures (resin, metal, plastic), to scale models, paper, canvas, metal, cloth etc.

Extra-fine pigments that make a creamy, highly pigmented paint with no excess water.

A maximum color intensity that stands out over other brands, the paint has high levels of pigments that result in more vibrant colors

The paint has been formulated for maximum coverage with a minimum number of brushstrokes. Spectacular transparencies can be achieved by mixing with thinner.

Matte and non-muted finish when dry and are highly fade-resistant and leave a flexible, permanent, durable finish.

Can be used with brush or airbrush (or any other way you want)

The range is a set number of colours and will stay that number of colours.

They can be combined with all other Scale75 colors and the vast majority of other paints on the market. They have also increased the drying time for easier transitions and colour blending.

Sold in 20ml tubes, either individual or in themed sets