Vallejo Model Air Sets Allied ww2

Vallejo Model Air Sets Allied ww2

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This set contains 16 different pre-thinned airbrush colours from the Model Air acrylic paint range produced by Vallejo Acrylics.

It has been designed for plastic modelling and they are all colours required for WWII Allied models

Colours include:

VAL007 Olive Green
VAL009 Duck Egg Green
VAL012 Dark Green
VAL014 Gunship Green
VAL016 US Dark Green
VAL017 Russian Green
VAL026 US Flat Brown
VAL028 Sand Yellow
VAL029 Dark Earth
VAL039 Hull Red
VAL043 Olive Drab
VAL045 US Grey Light
VAL047 US Grey
VAL049 Medium Sea Grey
VAL051 Barley Grey
VAL054 Dark Grey Blue